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CoE Online Scholarship Application (Dec 3, 2019)

The majority can make this date and time.


– Dept. only focus on continuing students

– Updated deadline:

– Developing packages for incoming graduate students

– work with Dept Chair

– ?

– Testing:

– Have to log in, use different name when testing

– If questions, ask Dean for MOU

– Finish testing by the 11th

CoE Scholarship College-wide Process (Oct 30, 2019)

Organized by Bomer, Randy, with Mcfarlin, Brian, Armstrong, Mark, Harbour, Clifford, Combes, Bertina, Templeton, Tran, Matthews, Brittney, Ray, Dee, and Kelly, Lauren, at MH 117 .

Notes from Calendar Event:

Good afternoon,

We are looking for a more centralized/streamlined way of administering scholarships to COE students.Β  We would like to hear about the process in each department so we can move in an efficient direction.Β  Please send a copy of your departments scholarship application to myself


– No money to recruit; only continuing students.

– Lots of variation among dept. and college.

– Centralize and decentralize.

– Bertina: spread out or small chunks

– Potential for long term commitment.

– EC working on grad packages, including insurance.

– grad/ungrad split

– Brian: what is best way to get info, what info is needed, how to organize, outputs to show eligibility

– Narrative…

– No writting for financial support

– what about %age?

– Cleaning up MOUs β€” bring in line, make current

– Do we need an essay? or only MOU?\

– Start sending money in January β€” pushing money to students (dean)

– Hold off on sending out currentβ€”

– Before the 8th. on Personal statement (y/n)

– No recommendations

KHRP Scholarship (Feb 1, 2019)