Mission: Work to advance APE through policy work and advocacy. Advocate to local, state, & federal govs.

Meeting Notes

Sept 2020
Oct 2020

Suzanna called

– Azar (HHS)

– Cornyn, Cruz, Burgess

– Sign on Letter of House Companion BIll

– “Supporting Children with Disabilities during COVID-19 Act”

– Changes to name: Policy & Advocacy Committee

– Co-author monograph with NASDE & NCPEID

– separate APE from PT & OT—codifying APE as a direct service

– require APE goals on IEP

– New Tasks: List of critical misunderstanding as they relate to APE service disability

– Direct v related

– Qualification - provide direct evidence (base on 1 test)

– Assessment

– (regular things I see, rare things I see)

– Send list of items to Suzanna

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Rank "misunderstandings" list on Nov 16, 2020


Sept 2020