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Academe — the Podcast

Academe — the Podcast


A exploration into academic identity and mental health.

"The interest among the academic community in academic identity reflects a broader concern with the nature of academic work." - Neary & Winn, 2016


The "academy" means many things to many people. Often the scapegoat for media punditry, academia—and by extension, academics—are portrayed as wholly separate from society. Sitting in Ivory Towers, removed from the world about that they write. In part, this is true. Academics are afforded a privilege (see: Academic Freedom) to research, study, and write about topics that are of interest. For many, this interest extends beyond job—it becomes a part of one's identity. In this interview podcast series, I will explore how academic scholars reconcile their academic identity with other identities, and how this influences their mental health.

I am currently conducting interviews for season 1, which should be available mid-2021. If you are interested in being on the podcast, please use the form below.

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