chat Mission Statement

Mission Statement

  • Jakob: Framework
    • Unsure of notes, specific words
    • Narrowed: Focus on using PA and nutrition to serve underserved populations.
      • One to two terms.
      • Using the "right" terms and works...
      • Not deficit-framing or perspective - shift framing
  • Stephanie: What product are we looking to outline?
  • Jakob: Yes, having statement down.
    • Mission statement - lengthy
    • Inclusive, yet specific
  • Karen: Come up from the faculty, rather than down from the top.
  • Jakob: Not everyone necessarily "has" to fit, some people might need to move a bit to fit.
    • Needs to be broad, but not so specific.
  • Stephanie found: "I will start with presenting the suggestion that I have been developing for some time now: “physical activity and health” with an emphasis on ”addressing health disparities in underserved populations”. I will provide more details and rational at the meeting. This is only one possible focus for us to consider." From January message.
  • Karen: another message, "Emphasis on serving underserved populations."
  • Austin: start with ideas: use main terms, as starting point.
  • Stephanie: using population health, then narrow.
  • Jakob: Clear task?
  • Austin: Take sentence, wordsmith it, send back to Jakob & Karen
  • Jakob: Exactly; shouldn't take a long time.
    • Could do "what means to you?"

STARTING POINT: The focus of the Dept of KHPR is physical activity and health with an emphasis on addressing disparities in underserved populations.

  • Stephanie: Does fit with RESM folks?
  • Austin: General enough? But not a catch-all.
  • Autsin: "physical activity" potential limiting
    • Holistically inclusive
    • "underserved" ⇒ in diverse populations
  • Stephanie: Looking through one's lens, describing "ethnic minority" within "underserved"→ focal enough to standout
    • Mitigate difference
  • Austin: Statement a goal, rather than real-time description
    • How can we work, together in this direction?
  • Stephanie: "focus is to optimize health through PA, recreation, etc. with an emphasis on underserved populations."
  • "Underserved" broad enough; will people be comfortable answering questions regarding this area?
  • "physical activity" → broader, helps "laymen" catch up to "what is kinesiology"

FINAL DRAFT: The departmental focus of the faculty of Kinesiology, Health Promotion, & Recreation is to address the disparities in physical activity and holistic well being among underserved populations.