"We live in a disabling society"


Takeaway: Presentation covers ableism, empire of the normal, disability models, access.


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Here’s some Qs that I think accompany this well:

  1. What is one way to counter ableism in society?
    • Possible answers: Learn about disability; learn about generalizations associated with disability; recognize the stigma of disabilities; recognize misconceptions about disability; re-value or engage with the differences one faces with disability; face the societal barriers head-on.
  2. The “Empire of the Normal”:
    • A. Centers able-bodied experiences as the norm.*
    • B. Normalizes disability as a part of a human continuum.
    • C. Ensures equal representation of disabled and able-bodied persons.
    • D. Leverages accommodations to insure access.
  3. Which model of disability suggests that society is the root cause for disability?
    • A. Medical
    • B. Social*
    • C. Humanist
    • D. Theological
  4. Chodorow described ableism as something that is unacknowledged and even acceptable in society or:
    • A. Semi-truthful sterotypes
    • B. Unfortunate stigma
    • C. Acceptable discrimination
    • D. A permissible prejudice*

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