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Jan 2021
Nov 1, 2019


– follow-up with Brock

– MOU for ncpeid

– Find a way to aggregate blog topics

– Develop timeline for SHAPE sig, deadlines.

– When to market, when to submit.

Oct 31, 2019


– Blog content (how to recruit)

– Ask Will about place in SLC, no budget, menu-variable

– Listserv

– Awards β€” Advertise β€” early June

– Collab w NCPEID

– speaker fee

– social

Oct 21, 2019

Discuss preparations for annual convention.

– Awards

– Claudine Sherrill Breakfast

– APE social

– Tommy Wilson Grant applications

– Conference Sessions (APE SIG business meeting)

– Social media to market APE

– Unified APE

– Webinar topics for APE



Conference Planning:

– Awards & Breakfast

– Price is fixed for breakfast β€”> not making money, can’t lose money.

– If want breakfast, in hotel, pay price. Can go offsite, can’t give awards or lecture (SHAPE business items)

– Prices are same across the organziation. Should be more affordable this year.

– Try to keep item $ as low as possible.

– Deb: create distinction between people.

– Can have awards w/o breakfast.

– Adjust name of β€œbreakfast” to be awards.

– SHAPE hands offβ€”community makes choice.

– Any restriction: not restricted to breakfast hour.

– Need prefer time/date to SHAPE (beginning of Nov.) => 2.5 & 3 weeks SHAPE guarentees change. About Nov. 8th.

– SHAPE handle room needs, round for breakfast, stadium for lecture.

– Awards => a few at socials (Thursday 6-7:30pm)… fruit, cake, desert.

– Example: Research, tied to lecture, one awardee gives a lecture.

– Can change length.

– For lecture: topic title, and abstract (before new year, Dec. 15th).

– Lecture, with awards β€” no food, no cost.

– Half planned out for SIG business meeting β€” the other open. Usually on Friday.

– Any changes in as soon as possible.

– Try to not schedule adapted presentation against meeting or breakfast.

– Awards: all had at least one, some APE were nominated for outside awards. SHAPE assist with distributing β€” chair, co-chair decide (winners back by Dec. 10). Info will be sent as soon as possible as soon as decided on review. Stephanie, & Joey => list of reviewers, send numbers, then send back which person won which award.

– Change to awards right after SHAPE meeting => not too keen on adding too many.

– SHAPE makes determination, title and criteria.

– SHAPE: Well promoted, logistics is covered.

– Certificate ok, but SIG takes over.

– Social media marketing

– Exchange went away β€” replaced by MySHAPEAmerica (lack of connection with daily email); Facebook group (shortform).

– SHAPE has new blog platform (two to three peices per week): can submit blog content-> monthly content from SIG (best longform): Joey send contact info.

– Twitter: 4-5 posts per day. Brad started β€” currating content from community. Monthly list to SHAPE.

– Building Webinars

– SHAPE: hit pause on regular webinar

– could revisit with interest

– Blog way to reach or videos on social media (though of 2-3 minute video on topic).

– SHAPE hosting conference in Pittsburg (June 22-23) heavy focus on inclusive practice, strong Special Olympics presence.

– Member of SIG to develop or curate presentation (may not be call for proposal).

– Unified PE

– SHAPE signed MOU to formalize level of partnership with Special Olympics.

– Cocreate content. blog, share resources, work together for sessions in Pitt.

– UPE: One of many tools.

– Offer: Host conversation between UPE and others talk through differences. Guided by Stephanie Morris: equal, open conversation. Invitation. Specifically offered to Lauren.

– Tommy Wilson Grant (early June 1st 2020 deadline)

– most applicants are schools, better align with schools.

– Same other areas (description, $, etc.). More applicants every year (70+ last year).

– Review process similar to sig awards.

– Any extra info:

– Any changes to breakfast back ASAP.

Sept 29, 2020


– Timeline (Deb has)

– Tommy Wilson Grant

– Email Stephanie (cc’ Deb)

– Request for business meeting/distingished lecture, julien stein award (awards, due Oct. 15)/nominations

– Recorded lecture β€” β€œchat” with presenter

– Reach out to Suzanna - shape members for next chair

Apt 22, 2019

Need a method to contact and connect people in APE/A.

– if Facebook, need SHAPE’s approval

Make an Award ”session” β€” certificate, need to fill 15 minute


Email Wes Jan 21, 2021

Conference Notes/Planning


Claudine Sherrill Lecture