"Major" Misunderstandings


  • APE is “separate” from GPE and dichotomous—instead of a spectrum (i.e., GPE, GPE w consultation, APE, etc.)
  • APE goals are not as important or valuable as other goals.
  • APE teachers do not need to be involved in the IEP process.
  • Only students with physical or cognitive impairments need APE (i.e., disregard potential needs of students with learning disabilities).
  • APE is only needed or available at the elementary level.
  • APE shouldn’t have an IEP or 504 plan if APE is the only area of need.


  • All students with disabilities qualify to receive APE services.
  • APE is a placement that takes the place of a student’s GPE class vs. a service a student qualifies for to receive.
  • APE is a related service.
  • APE services can be delivered by anyone in the education and/or special education professions.
  • Students can receive APE services through parent requests without gathering assessment data.